What is Cake Mail?  

Cake Mail is small to medium sized boxes of cakes and treats that are designed to be sent safely by overnight courier anywhere within the Island of Ireland. 

What types of events / celebrations is Cake Mail suitable for?

Any event that you want to commemorate particularly if you cannot be with the person on the day or just to let someone know that you're thinking about them. Examples include - Birthdays, Christenings, Confirmations, Communions, Baby Showers, Hen Parties, Engagements, Anniversaries and Retirements etc. 

Cake Mail is also good for marking an event like a - Birth of a Baby, Getting a New Job or a Promotion, A Pick Me Up During an Illness, Moving into a New Home or even just as a Random Act of Kindness.

What do the Cake Mail Treat Boxes contain?

We make all kinds of treats that we can safely transport by courier and we keep introducing new ideas too.  

See www.cakemail.ie for examples of what we are currently offering.

How much does Cake Mail cost?

Cake Mail Treat Boxes are usually priced between €20-€40 with nationwide delivery anywhere in the Island of Ireland.

We have also introduced individually priced items so you can build your own box to any value required.

We also offer special event boxes from time to time. Examples include - St Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, Toy Show Boxes etc

Is There An Extra Delivery Charge?

Nationwide delivery is a flat rate of €6 per address. This covers postage and packing.

We also offer special event boxes from time to time. Examples include - St Valentines Day, St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, Christmas, Toy Show Boxes etc

How far in advance do I need to order?

We offer a range of days and dates that you can have your Cake Mail delivered. Some special event dates can get booked up quite far in advance but usually at most other times, its a good idea to order at least a week or two in advance. However this last year has been very busy and sometimes we have been booked up 1-2 months in advance especially during the summer months, Easter and Christmas, which are our busiest times for Cake Mail.

Do you guarantee delivery on a specific day?

No. You can select an estimated delivery day when you place your order. We will always aim to deliver on this day and our Courier DPD deliver 99.5% of our parcels on the day you select - but at busier times, it may be delivered the day after your estimated delivery day.

This is outside our control. You will be sent parcel tracking information.  In addition, a delivery time slot text message will be sent to Irish mobile contact numbers if provided.

What flavours do you offer?
We offer a wide range of flavour combinations and we keep introducing new ones too.  See www.cakemail.ie for examples of what we are currently offering.

How do I order Cake Mail?

Find the items you would like to order at www.cakemail.ie and then following the checkout instructions. If you have any queries then drop us an email.

How do I pay for my Cake Mail Treat Box?

You can place and pay for the order online at www.cakemail.ie via our secure payment processor - Stripe.

How do I get allergen information?

Allergen Information is provided on each product page prior to ordering and again in writing on an allergen information card inside the Cake Mail Treat Box delivered by our courier. 

However, if you have any queries about allergen information or ingredients in general then please feel free to contact us prior to placing your order.

Do you do Gluten Free and Vegan?

Yes we do offer vegan items. No we don't do gluten free items.

Where do you deliver Cake Mail?

We deliver Cake Mail Treat Boxes nationwide anywhere on the Island of Ireland. We offer an overnight delivery service provided by DPD. Please see www.cakemail.ie/delivery-information for further details about how and when we deliver.

Whats the best way to place multiple orders to different addresses?

If you don't want to input the details for lots and lots of different names and addresses then don't place the order online - Instead email us and we can discuss your requirements directly with you and then we can place the order manually for you.

Do you have a 'Bricks and Mortar' shop?

Yes, we now have physical location in Killarney Town Centre.

We still take orders online at www.cakemail.ie 

However, we also now offer Local Collection at our new premises on College Street, Killarney as well as Free Local Delivery to all Killarney Hotels and Restaurants..

Can I buy ready made cakes from your shop in Killarney?

Not at the moment, currently we only offer made to order collections from the shop at the moment. 

We hope to introduce ready made items for sale during 2024.

Is nationwide delivery available for the big celebration cakes that I have seen on your website - www.ocarrollscakes.ie?

Currently we only deliver the items on our Cake Mail Site - Nationwide Delivery Options - nationwide. Bigger cakes are not suitable for delivery by overnight courier. 

See www.cakemail.ie for details of the items currently available as part of our Cake Mail Service.

Can I order a celebration cake and cake mail treat boxes for local delivery / collection in and around the Killarney area?

Yes.  In these circumstances, Order from our Cake Mail site - Local Collection Options. Or contact us direct by email and we can discuss the specific details of your order.

Do you make Wedding Cakes?

Yes. See our main website www.ocarrollscakes.ie for details of Custom Wedding Cakes and other itemsWe also offer a range of smaller wedding cakes for collection.